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Terms of Service

General Commission Information

● All commissions are intended for personal use only. 
   - For business related commissions, please email at
● Commissions will take no more than 3 weeks to complete.

   - Speed of completion dependent on the level of detail required for the commission.
   - Speed of completion is also somewhat dependent on speed of responses between client and artist.
● Commissions may be rejected if the request is questionable or unreasonable.

Usage Policy

Commission can:
● Be posted on personal social media accounts
● Be printed to be displayed in personal spaces
● Be posted without credit, but credit is appreciated

Commissions may:
● Be used by the artist to promote themselves
● Be displayed on the artist's website or social media 
   - Commissions will be kept private upon request

Commission Can NOT:
● Have the artist signature/logo removed
● Be claimed as being made by someone else
● Be resold, digitally or physically (Prints, shirts, stickers, etc.)
● Be used for NFTs
● Be used to promote businesses

Payment and Refunds

Full payment is required before starting commission.  From payment date, the commission will take no more than 3 weeks. If commission is desired sooner than that time frame, a rush fee will be applied.

Refunds are available depending on the stage of the commission: 
- Full refunds possible during the Sketch phase.
- 50% refund possible during Line Art Phase.
- No Refunds once Line Art is complete.

Questions or concerns can be emailed to or be sent via direct message on Instagram @Sweetheart_Line.

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